At your first visit, we will evaluate the necessity and timing of orthodontic treatment. Treatment that is timed appropriately according to each person’s unique circumstances leads to better results and greater efficiency. Coordination of orthodontic treatment with other necessary dental treatment will also be addressed.

Digital photographs as well as a digital panoramic x-ray may be taken at the first visit in order to provide the information needed to determine the necessity and timing of treatment. If you have had a panoramic x-ray taken within the last six months, please bring a copy with you to your appointment.

The doctors will discuss treatment options with you and explain the various aspects of your treatment. Our office will also provide an estimate of insurance benefits, treatment fees and payment options.

The initial consultation is complimentary. We invite you to visit our office and learn about your options.

Please bring the completed patient forms and your insurance card with you to your appointment. Here are directions to our office.