Occasionally accidents may occur that cause appliances to become loose, broken, or uncomfortable.  If this happens, please call us to determine whether an additional appointment is required to correct it, or whether your existing appointment should be rescheduled to an earlier date.

General soreness
When you first get your braces on, it is normal to experience soreness of your teeth for 3-5 days. You may take the same type of pain medication that you would take for a headache. Eating softer foods for the first few days will help ease the transition. Your lips and cheeks will gradually become accustomed to the braces. Place wax on the braces to help them feel smoother.

Loose brackets or bands
If a bracket or band can be wiggled up and down or slide from side to side on the wire, it is loose and is no longer moving the teeth correctly.  Usually this happens as a result of excessive force on the bracket or band that causes the bond with the tooth to break.  This may be caused by biting on hard foods or other substances, or from an accident involving this area of the mouth.  It can be prevented by avoiding hard foods, and by wearing a mouthguard for sports.  Normally a loose bracket or band is not uncomfortable, but it can prolong the treatment time.  

Poking wires
During the course of treatment, a wire may become dislodged from a bracket or band, or it may slide from one side to another as the teeth move.  If a wire is out of place, it can affect the treatment time, and it could also bother the lips or cheeks.  If this happens, any sharp ends of the wire can be pushed in with a pencil eraser, or covered up with orthodontic wax.

When the office is closed, one of the doctors will be available for emergencies.  Please call the office at 978-475-2222 for more information.