May Office Updates

Happy May from the team of Chan and Chen Orthodontics. May brings us closer to the beginning of the summer season--which we are all eagerly awaiting! We are all looking forward to warmer weather and more freedom from COVID-19 precautions as our community continues to become vaccinated.

There are also a lot of amazing summer foods in season to start putting on our menus like watermelon, corn, and strawberries. It will be fun to enjoy, eating al fresco, and having BBQs! Grilling is in season! If you have braces, remember to cut the corn off the cob when eating it.

In the office this month, our orthodontic assistant, Jen, will be celebrating a birthday. If you see her in the office make sure to wish her a happy birthday!

We encourage patients to see their dentist every every 6 months for check ups. This is an important step in your oral health routine, especially during active orthodontic treatment. Looking for additional ways to improve your oral health? We suggest brushing after lunch time to get rid of food particles and if you can also fit in flossing, even better! At night, try adding some mouthwash into your routine. It’s important to remember that it should not replace brushing. A regular mouthwash can be helpful for brushing retainers and aligners to keep them clean and fresh. A fluoride mouthrinse helps keep your teeth strong.

We hope everyone has a great month! We can’t wait to see you in our office again soon.

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